Royal Brunei Airlines’ Female Pilots

Royal Brunei Airlines, (c) 2017

Last March, an all-female plane crew landed in Saudi Arabia.

Captain Sharifah, Senior First Officer Dk and Senior First Officer Sariana became the first female pilots to fly Royal Brunei Airlines’ Boeing 787.

The plane took off from Brunei, a country near Malaysia with destination to Jiddah.

This event caught American media attention because of a photo posted on Reddit of the pilots on the flight deck with a caption that read,”An all-female crew lands an airliner into a country they’re not allowed to drive in.”

Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry’s restrictions on women driving have been of international interest.

However, their policies are not as strict with female pilots.

Hanadi al-Hindi became the first Saudi woman to earn a pilots license in 2014, and others have followed her steps.

The future seems to provide more opportunities for female pilots in Saudi Arabia and Brunei as the Aviation industry is growing rapidly worldwide.