American Aviatrix Doris Lockness Dies at 106, (c)2017, (c)2017

On February 7, 2016 pioneering female pilot, Doris Lockness, died at age 106.

Her career and passion as pilot started in the 1940’s when she joined the WASP team in World War II.

She became the 55th woman in the world to earn a commercial helicopter license.

She also earned her rating flying hot-air balloons, gliders, gyroplanes, and seaplanes.

In an interview, she stated that she was specially motivated by Amelia Earhart’s adventures across the Atlantic Ocean.

During her sixty years of flying she received numerous awards and honors, including recognition by the Smithsonian Institute of Aviation, and the Women in Aviation Pioneers Hall of Fame.

She was also named by Women in Aviation International as top 100 most influential women in aviation history.

It is easy to see why she is so celebrated as she completed more than 10,000 flying hours with enthusiasm and love for soaring through the sky.